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Hey y’all, today I’m bringing you a real unfiltered video I took in my work bathroom (if you watch my stories, y’all have definitely seen it 😂). I did edit it to speed it up so it could fit on the feed but I honestly finished my makeup this day in less than 10 minutes!! Thanks to @wooshbeauty ‘s Fold Out Face and their 4-in-1 brush! • • It’s truly the best palette for work as it folds up and is compact enough to put in my desk, while being very functional (since it literally has concealer, foundation, blush, highlight and eyeshadow) to help me touch up for those spontaneous after work events! • • For my 9-5 baes, do y’all do touch ups for those after work events and switch your makeup up a bit or do you just go as is?

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